With the COVID-19 outbreak continuing to disrupt trade shows and events worldwide, companies are having to think outside the box to stay engaged with customers. Cancellations have brought a new challenge to event marketers, but have also presented an opportunity to implement new marketing tactics that might not been thought of before. Luckily, a little bit of creativity, along with the right technology, and a shift in your marketing resources you can still keep this year’s plans moving in the right direction.

Meeting face-to-face is at the cornerstone of many B2B companies lead generation and with no trade shows, our industry is thinking of new ways to pivot its resources to accomplish the same objectives as an in-person event would accomplish. Now more than ever, unique marketing strategies are needed in order to create impactful content that helps alleviate the burden of lost face-to-face opportunities.

Whether you’re looking to maintain meaningful client relationships or boost your brand awareness during this pandemic, the ideas below can be implemented in place of your cancelled event – which we can also help you achieve:

Re-Imagine your event, virtually. Transport your attendees into a virtual version of your exhibit or event, where they will be able to explore and interact with the content in your space. (Related Post: Turn Your Cancelled Trade Show or Event Into A Virtual Success) Information hotspots located on monitors, touchscreens, and products will trigger content upon being selected, allowing attendees to view all of the same information that they would have been exposed to in your actual exhibit.

Send your prospects a “trade show in a box.” As face-to-face meetings are currently not an option, send your key prospects a package with items they would have been able to see at your space: product samples, literature/brochures, branded giveaways, business cards, and more.

Host a virtual lunch and learn. Treat your clients to their favorite lunch that you will order and have delivered directly to their house. While everyone is eating their lunch at home, host a webinar or team brainstorm. This meeting can be hosted on 3D Exhibits and Plexus new internet broadcasting platform, ProCast.

Keep in communication with your clients. Were you planning on meeting up with a client in person? Or did you have a cocktail hour planned for clients at a show? When these face-to-face opportunities are no longer happening due to social distancing it is so important, now more than ever, to reach out to your clients…send a text, make a phone call, setup a virtual chat just to let them know you are here for them during this time. You can even send a personalized mailer that includes a hand written note and unique gift.

Keep your website up-to-date. Refresh your websites with that to-do list you have been meaning to get to. Now that you have the time and the resources to make the updates, make sure your most recent offerings are easily accessible to clients, especially webinars or virtual events. For example, 3D Exhibits recently added a section on its website dedicated to information about our new virtual offerings.

Advertise new offerings on social media. Utilize new marketing materials you have created for your virtual offerings or trade show alternatives and turn them into an eye-catching infographic or an interesting post for social media. You now have some time to research how you can best market your new offerings and will allow you to stand out amongst your competitors.

Cancelled trade shows and events poses a difficult challenge, yet there are still numerous ways to reach your audience in a meaningful and impactful way. If you’re ready to try something new, our creative team would love to help. Contact Cole Hauschildt (chauschildt (at) 3DExhibits (dot) com), to set up a free consultation.