With trade show and live event cancellations due to COVID-19, companies are turning to video conferencing platforms for face-to-face meetings with employees, clients, and partners.

But what about more complex meeting needs? Standard video conferencing platforms are great for one on one, one to few, or small group collaboration, but not necessarily for larger and more complex needs.

Our team of experts is excited to introduce to you one of our three virtual options, ProCast. ProCast is a custom internet broadcasting platform from 3D Exhibits and Plexus that supports live meetings with interactive features and live/on-demand viewing. ProCast enables you to reach a much larger audience—without losing professional newsroom video and audio quality.

Wondering if ProCast is right for you? Read on to learn more about its benefits, features, and uses

ProCast will benefit you by:

Extending your communication reach.
Deliver your message to thousands of viewers throughout the world in real-time. Virtual events can be a great opportunity to capture a larger audience (or even presenter pool) that wouldn’t normally be able to attend an in-person event.

Communicating your message cost-effectively.
With ProCast, it is no longer necessary to decrease work efficiency or incur travel expenses in order to communicate your message.

Creating a sense of ease with an entire support staff backing you.
ProCast is a fully managed virtual event, which means you have access to experts in screenwriting, sourcing and hiring keynote speakers, presentation creation, and (perhaps the most crucial when it comes to technology) troubleshooting.

ProCast’s features are extremely customizable to meet your needs. Here are just some of the features available:

Live interactive Q&A. Virtual presentations don’t mean you can’t engage with your audience! The Q&A feature allows viewers to submit questions to be answered by the presenter. On-screen emcees can be used to field these questions and facilitate this portion of the event.

Real-time polling. ProCast can be paired with third party apps to allow for features like real-time polling. Ask your audience questions, collect live responses, and see instant results. This blended technology also opens the door to many other customizable features, including personalized agendas, surveys, and more.

Switched feeds. If you are hosting a meeting with multiple medias that need to be shown (i.e. a speaker in one location, a second speaker in another location, a video, graphics, etc.), ProCast’s switched feeds capability allows for seamless integration.

Panel discussions. For situations where more than one person needs to be featured at once, such as panel discussions, ProCast has flexible display options. Showcase each different person on the panel in their own video box or show the panel host and the current speaker next to each other (news channel interview-style).

Live or on-demand viewing. Broadcast your event to your audience in live time and have an on-demand option for viewers to watch later.

ProCast’s variety of uses allows it to meet a multitude of needs.

We are already seeing many of our clients turn to ProCast as a solution for a wide variety of event needs, including national sales meetings, leadership conferences, trade shows, product launches, trainings, and workforce development. The possibilities are endless!

Interested in learning more about how ProCast can meet your event needs? Contact Stephanie Coupland (scoupland (at) 3DExhibits (dot) com), to set up a meeting with one of our ProCast experts.