The 3D Exhibits team leveraged Halloween 2016 as yet another opportunity to let our creativity shine. Our annual lunch and costume contest featured quite a few standout creations!

First prize in the costume contest went to Matt Connelly, Doug Brock Jones, Cirena Evenson, Chrissy Cook, Alberto Nolazco and Tony Wojdyla for their gender-blind take on the characters from The Little Mermaid.


So yes, you are seeing that correctly—Ariel IS in desperate need of a shave!



Another stand-out was Mike Mudry, Jeff Bartle, Kevin Perry, and Dennis Douglas as the Deplorable Laminates—four sample finish chips no client would want on their exhibit.

More images:



Marianne Driscoll as Pizza (Cannibal Pizza if you consider what she's eating) and Pirate Lori Anderson.



Matt Zicher as Iron Cat.



Zach Rodeghero as Cookie Monster.



David Bakthan as Grown Up Urkel.



Shayna Prihoda as Rosy the Riveter.



Bob Prihoda as Hawaiian Punch.



Rory Eddy, Nicole Genarella, Carrie Meccia and Scott Smolen as assorted 3D Exhibits superheroes.