The 3D Exhibits team has seen exhibits with baffled ceilings everywhere from CES to the International Builders Show. It's a great technique for creating a more defined and intimate environment—without the cost and bulk of creating an actual ceiling.

Some tips for integrating baffled ceilings into your trade show exhibit design:

1.Light it up. Whether you choose a single color wash or a changing array of LED colors, using light to highlight your overhead structure creates visual interest and enhances your exhibit's ability to attract attention from across the hall.

2. Don't be afraid to use color. View your baffles as an additional opportunity to reinforce your brand identity.

3. Curves work, too. Baffles can run straight or in curved configurations. They don't even have to be parallel to one another.

4. Integrate with the rest of your exhibit architecture. Most of the baffles we've seen lately are fabric, but wood, plastic sheeting and other materials work just as well.

5. Emphasize a specific display or product. A baffled canopy over a select portion of your exhibit or a specific display calls attention to that area.

6. Enclose a select portion of your exhibit. If you want to differentiate an area of your booth as more intimate or exclusive, a baffled ceiling can get you there fast.


What's the most innovative use of baffles you've seen on the show floor? We'd love to know.