A supersized version of your product can be a highly effective trade show booth attraction.

People are drawn to scale models. It doesn't matter whether it's a small object blown up big or a large object or diorama scaled down to fit on a tabletop, seeing something in a way they don't expect always catches people's attention.

Here are five examples, spotted by the 3D Exhibits team, of how exhibitors are increasing their exhibit traffic by integrating a supersized product model into their trade show exhibit display design.


  1. Overhead sign. Clark Wire & Cable hung a 15' long replica of a cable spool above its exhibit at the National Association of Broadcasters. The supersized branded object did double duty by leading people to the exhibit and identifying what Clark provides.

  1. Aisle-side attract. Randox transformed pharmaceutical packaging into an object of interest by supersizing it to 24" in height and placing it in a showcase along the aisle at the American Academy of Clinical Chemistry.

  1. Overhead accent. Neatfreak stood out at the International Home and Housewares show with a neutral-toned exhibit punctuated with a few bright orange accent pieces. The supersized orange hangers made it clear that Neatfreak manufactures home organization products.

  1. Remind them what you're known for. KitchenAid reinforced its stature of the creator of the iconic KitchenAid mixer with this larger-than-life model positioned at the edge of its exhibit.

  1. Product replica and lighting rig. Techies couldn't help but be drawn to the giant drone model suspended over this drone manufacturer's exhibit. And, the company cleverly embedded down lights in the model, illuminating the exhibit below without a lighting rig.

Have you ever used a supersized model of your product in your exhibit? We'd love to see a photo.