Thanks to digital printing, exhibit marketers are no longer limited to stock selections for their trade show exhibit wall treatments. Any pattern, texture or image a marketer wants can be created digitally and then printed onto fabric, vinyl or laminate to create a custom wallpaper.

Here are six creative ways event marketers have utilized custom wallpaper patterns to raise the bar on their trade show exhibit designs.

1. Tell a story about your brand. Merge's theater backwall is wallpapered with photos of Merge team members. This lets customers see the people who stand behind Merge's technology.


2.  Communicate what your products are. This housewares company created a custom wallpaper with whimsical oversized graphic images of their products. The result was a backwall that communicated exactly what the exhibitor had to offer--and drew attendees. 


3.  Create brand ambiance. This exhibitor demonstrated that they are a brand that values fun by displaying framed images of their team members laughing and goofing off. Then, they took the fun a step further by wallpapering the structure with a tonal print of cartoon fruits and vegetables.



4.  Highlight a specific line or product. Magic Chef highlighted their limited edition camo-finish products by wallpapering a portion of its exhibit in camo pattern. This design treatment ensured that the limited promotion was noticed by attendees.


5.  Break up white space. Sometimes lots of open space looks great--an other times it just feels empty. Lustroware solved this dilemma with custom wallpaper of greyed-out illustrations of their products.


6.  Add visual interest. Tired of solid walls? Try a geometric pattern. The result can be lively and eye-catching.

Bonus: Three more examples: