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Trade Show Exhibit Design Trend #11: LED Surfaces

Tuesday, September 26, 2017


LED surfaces can be used to create trade show exhibit designs that stand out—and convey a message.

Thanks to products like Christie LED tiles, imaginative trade show marketers can transform virtually any part of their exhibit into a digital content display surface. Video, animation and brand sizzle images can go anywhere and everywhere—even on curved surfaces.

LED tiles are an awesome and effective way to communicate brand and high-level messages. Or to make content even more memorable— especially when you use them to surface your exhibit in a fun or surprising way.


Here are five of 3D Exhibits’ favorite applications of LED surfaces in trade show booth design:


1. Full backwall. Sodastream created an effervescent presence at the International Home and Housewares Show by covering its entire backwall in seamless LED tiles. The content, a super-sized video of soda bubbles, made visitors feel like they were inside of a bottle of soda. A fun detail was an alternate sequence (see photo at the top of the page) with video of a waterfall—where the water fell around the doorway to the conference rooms.


2. Perimeter wall. Philips Healthcare enclosed its exhibit at Healthcare Information Management Systems Society with vertical pylons faced with LED tiles. The brightly covered surfaces displayed high level messaging told via simple icons and vibrant colors that were legible from across the hall.


3. Up and overhead. RelayHealth surfaced both the front and underside of its booth structure with LED panels. The result is an exhibit that wraps visitors in brand messages.


4. Inside a tunnel. At CES, LG showed off the quality of its own OLED wallpaper technology by using it to surface a vaulted ceiling over its exhibit. High density images of sea life transformed this booth into an underwater extravaganza. (Just think what you could do with these panels in your home or office!)


5. As a special effect. Futuristic patterns and motion under this beta version of a driverless vehicle accentuate its futuristic appearance and subtly allude that the vehicle is in motion. 


What great uses of LED surfaces have you seen on the trade show floor?


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