Vertical displays put your product — and your brand — in front of your audience. Literally.

While the go-to graphic panel works, your products—or other three dimensional objects—can tell your brand story even better. It's an approach our 3D Exhibits exhibit design team recommends heartily.

Here's how:

1. Be unpredictable

People remember when they see something they're not expecting. Vertical displays generate extra interest, especially for products that are normally viewed horizontally. The added bonus of the vertical wall of sinks that Soci integrated into its trade show display design? It converts the exterior wall of the exhibit from dead space to a high impact product display. It also broadcasts, loud and clear that company thinks differently.

2. Be the booth

Squeezing large products into an exhibit can eat up space for attendees. Unless the products become part of the architecture. Lapitec used its stone slab countertops as columns in an impressive display that grabbed attention, visually demonstrated product strength, and created a strong show floor presence.

3. Be bold

While digital information has become a show floor staple, trade show exhibitors should never forget the lasting impression made by a physical showcase. Emphasize product features like color range or varying product sizes by transforming them into a full wall treatment that attendees can't miss noticing. This exhibit's back wall isn't just beautiful—it's a display of the full range of neutral color choices available from this countertop company.


4. Be fun

Adding an interactive element to a product display is sure to make it more memorable. Soci went beyond moving its floor tile samples to eye level by mounting them in rotating shadow box displays that doubled its available display space and pulled attendees into the booth. Few people walked by without giving the samples a spin to see what was on the other side.

5. Be organized

When your brand has a complicated story to tell, you have to walk the fine line between oversimplifying your message and overwhelming your audience. Neither one serves your brand. Help attendees digest a complex brand message quickly by telling each segment of the story in its own designated space. Reminiscent of a printer's drawer, this vertical display (vertical table scape) compartmentalizes individual aspects of the company's offerings — products, partners, and applications — each in its own cell.

How have you used a vertical display to tell your brand story?