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Trade Show Exhibit Design 2018: Best of Show RSNA

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Clients often ask their 3D Exhibits team to educate them on what trade show exhibit design outside of their own industry looks like. Since we can’t bring you with us to every show we go to, in 2018 we will share highlights from some of the shows we attend, right here on our blog.

This week our featured trade show is RSNA. Technically, RSNA took place in 2017—but there were enough solid trade show exhibit design ideas on the trade show floor that we couldn’t wait until next November to post them.


Unusual Angles. In 2017 we saw many exhibitors stand out on the trade show floor by casting right angles aside and constructing their exhibits out of more unusual angles and shapes. Konica Minolta continued this trend at RSNA, using a combination of triangles and hexagons to create an interesting presence on the trade show floor.


Analogic also leveraged the unusual angles trend to create a stand-out hanging sign that gave its booth stature beyond its medium-sized footprint.


Clear Walls. An emerging trend we witnessed on the RSNA trade show floor is the clear-walled enclosure. We saw two of these at RSNA—one fabricated from clear plexi and the other from blue-tinted plexi. This technique makes a cozy presentation area or meeting room—without closing off the perimeter of your exhibit.


Clear LED Display. On the technology front, we really liked the idea of using a clear LED display to share content. That’s right—CLEAR LED: Your messages and videos show up on a surface that looks like a clear window. The best practice here would be to use large images and minimal-but-sizable copy for maximum visibility.


LED Ceiling. Speaking of LED technology, the transforming montage of shapes and colors over the top of this exhibit gave the space a very high-tech futuristic vibe.


Dynamic Hanging Signs. We’ve shared these photos before, but we thought they were worth repeating. Both of these hanging signs make strong statements. The best practices demonstrated are to use organic curves to create a pleasing shape and then use a strong color from your corporate palette on the rear of the sign. Because attendees view the sign from below, they see a portion of the rear of the sign—which acts as a vibrant underscore to the sign itself.


Textured Surfaces. The 3D Exhibits team is a big fan of using texture to give an exhibit design depth—so we really liked the subtle ribbed finish used on this pylon.


Halo-Lit Signage. We found an exemplary implementation of the halo-lit signage trend in the GE booth. The blue illumination ensures that the message pops—even though the raised letters and the wall are both finished in the same material.


Sculptural Elements. Finally, we wanted to share this 20x20 exhibit which demonstrates how much presence a simple, sculptural element can add to any size booth. The contrast of the white face of the spiral against the blue rear draws additional focus to the company name.



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