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Stand Out With This Custom Trade Show Exhibit Design Trend

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

3D Exhibits exhibit design trend

What’s the hot emerging trend in custom trade show displays? “Fortified Immersion.”

3D Exhibits’ Jeff Bartle, exhibit designer and chief creative officer, describes Fortified Immersion as custom trade show exhibits that stand out for their unique and imposing structure—structure which serves as an outer envelope to house an interior experience that captivates and engages attendees with well-crafted high and low-tech booth interactive experiences.

Bartle says when done right, Fortified Immersion is exactly what you want on the show floor. “Think structure that captures attention and attracts visitors paired with an experience that entices them to linger and learn,” says Bartle.

Bartle saw many examples of Fortified Immersion at Euroshop, a trade fair held every four years in Dusseldorf that focuses on retail and exhibition design. “European exhibitors do a great job of focusing their exhibit experiences on building relationships,” he says.

Three example custom trade show displays the employ Fortified Immersion:

  3D Exhibits exhibit design trend

1. D'art Design Gruppe (exterior image shown at the top of this post) designed its exhibit structure as an angular fortress. Bartle says the architectural exterior mass contrasts well with the sophisticated graphics, technology and content delivery inside the structure.

  3D Exhibits exhibit design trend

2. Visitors who penetrated IFES’ walled structure found themselves in a warm and comfortable hang-out space. This exhibit experience included lots of reasons for visitors to linger: good lighting, inviting atmosphere, and plenty to see, do and touch.

  3D Exhibits exhibit design trend

3. 100% ECHT, which is German, translates to 100% Real. The concept behind this collaboration between Konrad Knoblauch GmbH and Shop SYSTEMS GmbH is that the streamlined perimeter structure represents the industry and the modular retail systems the companies create. In other words, what the world sees of them. The carefully hand-crafted “barn” structure on the interior—a striking contrast in style to the exhibit exterior—is their perception of themselves: meticulous craftsmen who create enduring relationships.  

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