Congratulations to Taconic Neuroscience for parlaying a limited budget into an award-winning trade show marketing program. Taconic's 20' x 20' exhibit from Neuroscience 2015 won Gold Awards of Excellence at the 2016 Communicator Awards in the integrated marketing and marketing effectiveness categories.

Here's what Taconic did right:

1.  Market, Market, Market. Taconic crafted its message, then communicated it via as many audience touch points as possible.

"The project worked because it provided the audience with an inclusive and consistent brand experience across multiple mediums. There was press, and digital driving visitors to the show where they saw the exhibits and then these were supplemented with the animated presentations and marketing collateral and the knowledge of the Taconic sales teams on the day," said a member of the Taconic team.

2.  Bold Images. Taconic's agency created vibrant, eye-catching graphics that were interwoven throughout its campaign.

3.  Define the space in a big way. Translucent banners hung at the midpoint of each side of the exhibit defined the space without making it feel closed in.

4.  Use your vertical space. One way to project a bigger, more noticeable presence is to take your structure up higher. Taconic did this incredibly cost-effectively with the combination of the 20'-high hanging banners previously mentioned and its hanging sign.

5.  Go light. Taconic leveraged shipping and drayage cost-saving tension fabric to create its walls and demo stations.

How do you deliver awesome marketing within the constraints of your budget? We'd love to hear from you.