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Save Money on Trade Show Exhibit Measurement in 2019

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Our 3D Exhibits team feels so strongly about the benefits of exhibit measurement that we’re offering special discounts to clients that conduct trade show audits and exit surveys with us in 2019. These offers include:

  • 2019 first-time audit special. 20% off an exhibit audit for clients who have never done an audit before. Contract must be signed by 4-1-2019 and audit completed by the end of 2019.
  • 10% off on the second audit and 20% off on the third, fourth, etc. audits done for a single client during the same calendar year.
  • 20% off an exhibit audit when it’s conducted simultaneously with standard priced exit survey.


Not convinced that measurement is a good investment? Here are three ways measurement can benefit your program—leading to improved exhibiting results and the recognition for a job well done:

1. Get a nonbiased perspective of your exhibit, as well as the exhibits of your competitors. You live and breathe your exhibit, so allowing a third party to observe gives you nonbiased insight. Plus, you’re so busy on the show floor that you likely do not often have the chance to really walk around the show and see what other companies are doing. Our Best of Show audit is designed specifically for that reason— we’ll walk the show looking for the top engagements at your shows and give you the low down on what made them so successful.

2. Identify opportunities for improvement. Whether you are planning to invest in a new exhibit build or just striving for continuous improvement, your exhibit audits and exit surveys will reveal areas that will benefit from adjustment. From messaging and staff performance to demos and traffic flow, we’ll identify your strengths and weaknesses and give specific recommendations on how to improve performance at your next event.

Want proof? Syngenta enlisted our measurement experts to study their exhibit and provide recommendations. Coupled with Syngenta’s own research and strategy, the company improved from a C audit grade to an A, and increased their booth traffic by 908%.

3. Measurement is a career-savvy choice. Having a baseline audit and/or exit survey that documents where your program started plus subsequent measurement studies demonstrates your value to management and justifies your budget (or request for more budget.


Our list of services, extensive and customizable, includes exit surveys, exhibit audits, exit interviews, specialty audits, and Potential Revenue Touched.

If you’re ready to amplify your results with measurement, or want to discuss to see which type of measurement is best for you, contact us at


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