Optiv delivers simplicity by helping its clients develop a unique, business-aligned solution—without having to experience the angst of putting it together for themselves. Optiv’s minimalist, tonal blue environment soothed attendees and conveyed its “create clarity from chaos” message. Read more about the award-winning exhibit here.

Antech’s 40x80 space was spanned by a tall, purple mesh header that served dual purposes: it broadcast Antech’s new brand across the show floor and it functioned as a threshold to the experience within the space. Once attendees entered the exhibit, they found themselves standing in the middle of a panoramic LED dog park, designed to make attendees feel they were outdoors with their pet. More information Antech’s Gold-worthy exhibit can be found here.

Hill’s Pet Nutrition’s exhibit created an inviting environment that was visible and identifiable from every direction. The space articulated Hill’s love of pets through environmental cues that included soft curves, warm wood tones, and large graphics of companion animals.

Within its theater, Hill’s shared the benefits of its newest products. After the presentation, every attendee received a custom-designed reversible cat/dog tote bag. Attendees also participated in a digital racing game that took them through an animation of a cat’s digestive tract. Presenters wove education about how Hill’s c/d Multicare Stress helps cats with bladder issues into the thrill of the game.

At the in-exhibit photo mosaic wall, Hill’s donated to a pet shelter for every pet photo uploaded. Attendees were encouraged to participate using a QR code that triggereda photo upload of their favorite companion animal.

Congrats again to these winners, we are proud to be your partner!