The 3D Exhibits team is proud to announce that six exhibits we designed and fabricated have won recognition in the trade show category of the Hermes Creative Awards. The six projects, cited by the judges as "outstanding work in the industry," are: Merck Animal Health, GAF, Pukka, Rocky Brands, Huber Engineered Woods and Sunstar.

"These awards were born out of client collaboration. Working seamlessly as part of our client's team, the way we do, always nets results," says Nicole Genarella, our executive v.p. of sales and marketing.

Merck Animal Health, GAF, and Pukka all earned a platinum trophies.


Merck claimed the airspace above their exhibit and created a holistic, approachable ambiance with a dynamic structure that featured both sweeping curves and rich texture.



GAF pulled in crowds with a 20' LED cube that hung over its exhibit, displaying marketing messaging in an exciting way.



Pukka's integration of a matte black shipping container brought an urban, industrial feel to golf's pastoral world. The exhibit reinforced the brand's edgy feel and made its vividly colored headwear products pop.


Rocky Brands and Huber Engineered Woods scored gold.


Rocky utilized flooring, graphics and thematic elements to define and differentiate two distinct product lines—without requiring a wall to make the separation. Interweaving the product displays into these theatrical elements created an immersive environment that surprised and delighted attendees.



Huber Engineered Woods cross-pollinated new and established products in a two-sided booth filled with product demos that resonated with its hands-on target audience.


Sunstar was recognized with an honorable mention.


Sunstar's work to benchmark its prior exhibit program with an audit and exit survey - and its implementation of a brainstorming session—paid off. Every element of the new exhibit—from structure to staff—provided brand awareness and reinvigorated Sunstar by creating an interconnected and comprehensive reflection of Sunstar's holistic approach.The new environment reinforced the overall health benefit of proper oral care achieved with Sunstar's product solutions.

Congratulations again to everyone who was involved with these tremendously successful projects.


The Hermes Creative Awards, administered by the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals, is one of the largest design competitions in the world. Winning entries were selected for their creativity and resourcefulness from a pool of about 6,000 international submissions. For more information, or to see a complete list of winners, visit