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IBM Watson Health and 3D Exhibits Recognized in Event Marketer Magazine’s Experience and Technology Design Awards

Friday, November 30, 2018


Congratulations to IBM Watson Health for earning a Bronze Award in Event Marketer Magazine’s annual Experience and Technology Design Awards. Our 3D Exhibits team had the privilege of designing and managing the exhibit, which communicates the concept of cognitive computing (artificial intelligence) via an immersive, ever-changing array of LED colors and patterns.

The story behind the exhibit is that IBM Watson Health is the first commercially available cognitive computing capability that uses artificial intelligence to consolidate and analyze patient information (i.e. medical images, electronic health records, lab results, and patient-contributed data). The system continuously learns, discovering new insights that allow healthcare providers to personalize patient care.

IBM’s objectives for its booth at RSNA 2017 were to create an environment that educates medical professionals about how IBM Watson Health personalizes patient care. The goal was to immerse attendees in a dynamic environment that conveyed the learning capabilities of cognitive computing and accommodated all levels of interaction: overview, deeper dive, private meetings.

View the video reel here.

The exhibit delivered in every way:

Immersive experience. Dramatic twenty-foot tall L-shaped stanchions covered in continually evolving LED graphics represented the cognitive pathways in AI systems. The interplay between the symbols served as a visual metaphor for connectivity.

Highly visible from everywhere in the exhibit hall, the glowing headers and stanchions positioned IBM Watson Health as an industry leader. They also created an inviting space for the theater area. As attendees watched live presentations by topic experts to learn more about IBM Watson Health, they were immersed in a memorable “artificial intelligence experience.”

In addition, a large LED cube hung in the center of the exhibit. Combining warm images and benefit statements, the cube expressed the value of IBM Watson Health in a relevant human context – doctors helping patients.

Multiple levels of interaction. The exhibit’s open front and sweeping carpet design pulled attendees in from the main aisle and invited them to choose whether to engage with the theater presentation (overview information) or a product demo (deeper dive into specific solutions). Casual meeting areas in the center of the booth allowed attendees to ask specific questions, while five private conference rooms in the interior of the exhibit facilitated longer, in-depth conversations.



Demos at kiosks created an “a-ha” moment for attendees, de-mystifying AI with real-life examples of product benefits and positioning AI as a support (not a replacement) for radiologists and healthcare providers.

As the highlight reel shows, IBM Watson Health’s trade show exhibit hosted countless face-to-face conversations about the company’s AI technology tools for radiology. The exhibit enabled IBM Watson Health to meet its objectives of brand-building, lead generation, and customer education.

In addition to this latest honor, the IBM Watson exhibit was recognized by the 2018 Stevie American Business Award, where it was awarded silver in the Best Exhibition Display category. It also earned a 2018 Communicator Award of Excellence in the Trade Show Exhibit category.

How does your exhibit achieve your exhibiting objectives?



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