When you have an island exhibit, sometimes you end up with a wall along the aisle. The side of that wall that faces inside the exhibit is typically something functional like a conference room, demo-station, or LED-wall—but what do you do with the side of the wall that faces the aisle?

Most exhibitors go the easy route and cover the wall with a graphic, logo, or some sort of wallpaper with a repeated pattern of the logomark. This works well, but if you want to get a little more creative, try coming up with a way to turn that wall into additional product display. Here are four examples:

1. Packaging Samples. Hill's Pet Nutrition used one of the walls along the perimeter of its exhibit to showcase the new packaging for its Science Diet prescription pet foods. Large blowups of the packages caught the eyes of attendees in the aisles, while a counter presented actual packages for hands-on inspection. (Exhibit design and fabrication by 3D Exhibits).

2. Merchandising Demo. Bodum also applied the technique of combining real samples with super-graphics to promote its stemware at International Home + Housewares Show. This clever display—the aisle facing side of an enclosed product display area—demonstrated just how attractive simple stacks of its packaging can be in a retail environment. (Exhibit design: internal; fabrication by McKernin Exhibits).

3. Store Window. Neatfreak! may have had an enclosed exhibit, but that didn't mean it didn't want people without appointments to window shop. Clever merchandising insets—complete with product vignettes—made it easy for all attendees to see what Neatfreak! has to offer. Plexi windows and orange awnings ensured an authentic storefront look and feel.

4. Vertical Product Display. Short on space? Then get creative. Soci used a wall along its aisle to display additional sinks. All it needed to do was think out of the box—and orient the display vertically. (Exhibit design and fabrication by 3D Exhibits).

How do you make the most of the back of your exhibit?