Drawing attention to your corporate identity or exhibit graphics doesn't require going high tech. And neither does creating signage that communicates your story. In fact, sometimes, it's the simplest approaches that tell the best stories and stand out the most.

Here are four great techniques for creating eye-catching trade show exhibit signage that reinforces your brand image. These were all spotted by our 3D Exhibits team at Natural Products Expo West.

1.  Dimension. Bobo's Oat Bars makes a simple, natural product—you aren't going to find any unnecessary ingredients here. Its exhibit reflects the company's homemade vibe by also keeping it simple. Just a white fabric wall with an applied Bobo's logo are enough to get the message across. Exhibit design by 3D Exhibits.


2.  Texture. Amy's turned the back of its exhibit into a wall that passers-by actually slowed down to touch. The technique it used was to pair raised lettering with a splintery-rough barn wood surface. Stencils and green spray paint were used to reverse out copy expressing brand attributes across the wall. But even without reading the words, Amy's down-home sensibility comes through loud and clear.

3.  Unexpected material that represents the brand. The Honest Company communicates that its products are made from natural ingredients via a sign that is home to a garden of mixed succulents. Presumably grown horizontally and then mounted to the wall to create a vertical garden, the combination of spiky and rounded plant growth contrasts with the rough hewn wood background. Halo-lighting behind the sign increases visibility and impact.



4.  Made from product. This green packaging company got really clever. Rather than representing itself with a lackluster wall of empty containers—or worse, a photo of empty containers—it created a custom graphic from its product. Four shelves mounted from the backwall supported sample cartons emblazoned with icons depicting key elements of the brand story. The simple, vibrant color pops off of the white background and turns common milk cartons into something eye-catching.


What techniques do you use to make your exhibit signage stand out and tell a story?