Many savvy exhibitors are improving their visitors' experience by integrating multiple floor treatments into their trade show exhibit designs. From changes of color to complete changes of material—we've seen many companies use this technique to define spaces within their exhibits, highlight key products and areas, and improve wayfinding through their exhibits. We've even seen a few exhibitors use three or more flooring types.

Here are four ways to use flooring changes to enhance trade show exhibit visitor experience:

1.Wayfinding. Large exhibits benefit from having a distinct path or raceway that leads visitors from the aisle to the heart of the exhibit. This is a technique big box retailers and department stores have used for years.

2. Highlight products or demos. A change in flooring indicates that something different is happening and gives visitors a non-verbal queue to stop and look.

3. Create distinct areas or "rooms." Integrate the floor with what's happening with your exhibitry (i.e. pavilions, theater areas, groupings of workstations) to create sub-experiences within your larger booth. This could also designate a where a particular category of products reside.

4. Lead visitors deeper into the exhibit. In a medium-sized booth, having a tonal change acts as sort of a visual bull's-eye to lead visitors deeper into your space.

What's the most innovative use of a flooring change you've seen on the show floor?