Halo-lit signage is another retail design staple that's being integrated into a growing number of trade show exhibit designs. And why not? That subtle glow around your letters is bound to draw the eyes of attendees passing by.


If you're thinking of going halo-lit in your trade show booth, here are some options:

1.Take a tonal approach. Halo-lighting around letters that are the same color as the background create a very elegant, understated, high-end look.

2. Go big. Your halo-lit signage can be as large as you'd like—it can even take up an entire wall.

3. Get graphic. Halo lighting can be used to accent your logomark, too.

4. Enhance the impact of other lighting. Halo lighting works well with illuminated signage too.

5. Color your halo. Using colored (or even changing colored) light can be used to create a specific mood.

(NVIDIA design/build by ASTOUND) 

6. Stand out in low light. Exhibitors at shows where the exhibit hall lighting is dimmed can use halo lighting to make sure their logos remain bold.