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Direct Trade Show Attendees’ Attention With Light

Monday, June 16, 2014

MC Appliances pendant lights 3D Exhibits

Lighting is an excellent tool to direct trade show attendees’ attention to specific portions of your exhibit. Use light to direct traffic flow, highlight a particular area of your booth, or give new products the hero treatment.

Three examples:  

Illumina 3D Exhibits lighting

Illumina—“Check This Out”

Illumina used illuminated LED inlays to draw attendees to its demo kiosks. The glowing pinstripes cycled through the entire of spectrum of color—blue to red and back again, which added visual punch to the kiosks’ appearance and helped Illumina stand out on the show floor.

  MC Appliances pendant lights 3D Exhibits

MC Appliances—“May I Help You”

A common exhibiting challenge is intuitively directing attendees to your reception counter. MC Appliances overcame this with a trio of simple pendant lights that called attention to the counter and drew visitors’ attention.

  exhibit light

Alcon—“Look At This!”

Although we didn’t design Alcon’s exhibit, we had to include this great technique for highlighting new products. This plexi surface is so thin it practically blends into the carpet. But it emits enough light to give the product placed on it the “hero: treatment.  

Elkay and MC Appliances exhibits designed by 3D Exhibits.  

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