Almost all trade show exhibitors want to see their exhibit presence amplified on social media. Whether your company's social media platform of choice is Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube or something else, here are some tips from 3D Exhibits to increase your success.

Make it easy. People will be more likely to participate if it takes 30-seconds or less of their time to prep for the photo.

Make it relevant. The photo opp you provide should relate to your product, message, or brand. For instance, use social media to capture your demo or weave in props that support your brand image.

Make it fun and different. Entice social media users to participate with a unique photo opportunity that will stand out on their news feed. Think props, unusual backdrop, inclusion of a popular character or person in the image—even if it's only a cut out.

Weave in customization. Allow your visitors to select their own pose or prop—or even create their own custom message. This will get them more personally involved in the activity—and in turn more emotionally connected to your brand.

Help your participants share. If you're using their phones to take the photos, have a staffer available to snap the photos for them. If you're using your camera, have a monitor nearby where participants can quickly choose and post images.

Communicate the hashtag you'd like them to use. This will enable you to quickly assess how many people you've enticed to participate.

Share the social in your booth. Think monitor cycling through the photos with your hashtag, Twitter feed, etc.