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Best of Show: Natural Products Expo West

Wednesday, April 10, 2019


Natural Products Expo West has experienced tremendous growth over the past few years. So much that the Anaheim Convention Center added 200,000 square feet of additional space in 2017 to ensure it could continue to meet the show’s needs. The show floor is filled with natural food, supplement, and product manufacturers battling it out to look wholesome, natural and environmentally friendly. Here were 7 standouts from NPEW 2019:


1. Garden of Life

To showcase their organic, clean products and supplements, Garden of Life’s latest exhibit explored the balance between urban architecture and a lush farmer’s market. (Design and fabrication by 3D Exhibits)

What we like about it:

Breaking from the industry trend of using rough-hewn wood and slatted crates to articulate “organic”, Garden of Life created a contemporary and upscale environment. The exhibit takes its cues from a trendy neighborhood market or farm-to-table restaurant. Black metal, white subway tile, real wood veneer, and abundant fresh greenery communicated the company’s authentic brand story.



2. Joolies

Joolies leveraged a lot of cool turquoise to ensure that its 10’x10’ exhibit stood out. (Design internal. Fabrication by Hatch Exhibits.)

What we like about it:

Joolies kept it simple and consistent. By repeating its logo, colors, and messages on everything from the backwall to its staff shirts, the company made sure that if nothing else, attendees would remember its name.



3. Me & The Bees Lemonade

Me & The Bees Lemonade’s sweet 10’x10’ booth resembles a kids’ lemonade stand. (Exhibit by Wide Angle)

What we like about it:

This is more than a booth, it’s a storytelling vehicle. Me & The Bees is a family run company that has grown from now fourteen year old Mikaila Ulmer’s efforts to save the honeybees. It’s a great story and the lemonade stand setup is the perfect way to weave that story into conversations with attendees.



4. Waterloo Sparkling Water

Waterloo Sparkling Water stood out by going for a mad scientist vibe. It’s flavor lab included wacky lighting, laboratory video, and tall tubes of bubbling water. (Design and fabrication by Cruising Kitchens.)

What we like about it:

Waterloo wasn’t afraid to be different—and to weave humor into its booth. At a show where most exhibitors sample from booths that resemble trendy, high end kitchens, Waterloo went in the opposite direction.



5. La Croix 

La Croix thought bigger—literally. The company fabricated a backwall of larger-than-life versions of its featured products and dangled 5’ tall inflated la Croix cans from the ceiling. (Design and fabrication by Empire Display.)

What we like about it:

La Croix’s colorful packaging speaks for itself. The company recognized this and let the packaging stand on its own without supporting copy or lifestyle graphics.



6. Justin’s

Justin’s introduced nut-butter covered nuts with a whimsical booth. (Design internal. Fabrication by Condit Exhibits.)

What we like about it:

Adorned by a giant peanut butter cup with a bite out of it and a generous dribble of nut butter, Justin’s booth is just plain fun. The design shows that Justin’s has a sense of humor—which aligns perfectly with the company’s brand image.



7. Vita Coco 

Welcome to the beach. Vita Coco coconut water covered the floor of its exhibit in sand and brought a hammock. As you’d expect, sampling took place at a beach bar. (Design and fabrication by Grapevine Visual Concepts.)

What we like about it:

Vita Coco pulled out all the stops. Rather than bringing in just a few theme elements, they went all the way with beach balls, palms, surfboards, coconuts…you name it. The result is an environment that grabs attention, elicits smiles, and draws people in.


Which of these is your favorite?


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