The right interactive technology transforms your trade show booth from ho-hum to standing room only.

It was ten minutes after the trade show opened, and, already, Hill's Pet Nutrition had a line that wrapped around its booth. Dozens of people waited patiently for their turn to experience Hill's virtual reality experience and learn about its newest product. The exhibit manager grinned. Management congratulated the team.

Hill's strategy was dead on. Its savvy team understood that the correct trade show interactive technology would draw more attendees to its exhibit, immerse them in its brand, and increase the audience's knowledge of its products.

Hill's is just one of many clients the 3D Exhibits team has developed custom technology solutions for. Interactive technology is a fast-evolving field, so our tech team works hard to continually expand and improve our offerings to meet your needs—as cost effectively as possible.

If you think that using interactive technology will help you achieve your 2020 exhibit marketing goals, we're here to advise and deliver. Here is a quick run-down of options to get you started:

Tech Lite
Want to excite, educate, and engage your audience with interactive technology — but without the hefty price tag? Look    no further than 3D Exhibits' catalog of Tech Lite solutions. These solutions are customizable, off-the-shelf experiences. Yes, we know that customizable/off-the    shelf sounds like a contradiction, but we promise you Tech Lite really accomplishes both! What makes our Tech Lite so affordable is that the templates    for these engagements are already created. So when you give us the go-ahead, all we have to do is brand the interfaces and customize the content to    represent your company, products and solutions.

Our most popular Tech Lite solutions include:

Quizzes, trivia, surveys

Games (Matching, Jeopardy-style, Family Feud-style)

Prize-Driven Interactives (Spin-to-Win, Plinko)

Digital catalogs

Drill down programs

And more (our full portfolio is available upon request)

Tech Advanced
Maybe you're looking for something more elaborate or customizable? Our breadth of tech offerings is wide and varied— so we are confident in saying that whatever you're dreaming of, we can make it happen.

Lead Collection Retrieval System: Imagine your booth staff seamlessly weaving the capture of attendees' contact information and product interest into their show-floor discussions. A custom lead gen system can accomplish this and also streamline the process of post-show follow-up by    merging directly into your CRM. It can also implement marketing research, e-literature fulfillment, and accomplish many other functions that will streamline your program's operations and help you quantify your results. 3D Connect, our proprietary lead generation system, is completely customizable to meet your needs and the way you like to work your exhibit.

Virtual or augmented reality: Do you struggle with being able to showcase your product: either because you can't bring it to the show, or because it isn't possible to show how it works in the trade show setting? The solution could be virtual or augmented reality. These technologies bring your product to life in a different way— like when Hill's Pet Nutrition used VR in the experience we described at the beginning of the article. VR and AR are also great choices for more tech-savvy audiences that want to be WOW-ed by an immersive, interactive experience.

Custom video game: Make learning about your product fun for your target audience by turning your brand and message into a dynamic custom video game. Video games increase time spent learning, entice more attendees to enter your space, and increase memorability of your brand   and offerings. Bring us your vision or sit down with our team so we can brainstorm together; from racing games with real steering wheels to   joystick-maneuvered puzzle games, the possibilities are endless!        

A great example is the custom animated race game we created for Varonis. Eager to compete, attendees stepped behind the wheel. Then, hearts pumping,  they raced to complete the course, amassing points and learning how Varonis protects their data. Top scorers celebrated when, at the completion of the game, their name appeared on the leaderboard.

Custom drill down program: Showcase your entire portfolio of offerings in one easy-to-navigate program. Our Tech Lite drill down is a great starting option, but a truly customized version may be a better choice for your specific program. Here are some best practices to get you started.      

RFID technology: Whether you use RFID to create a more personalized experience for your attendees or to track their activity in your space, RFID delivers. And great news: RFID is becoming more affordable.    

Hardware Rental. We know that no matter what type of interactive you choose, you'll need the right hardware to support it—which is why we maintain an inventory of rental hardware. The main benefits of renting through us are that 1) we get trade shows, so we'll be sure   to rent you the hardware that makes the most sense for your event and venue, and 2) we maintain a 24/7 tech support hotline, so you never have  to worry about not receiving assistance when you need it.

Ready to start brainstorming how our 3D Exhibits technology team can enhance your program this year? Email Stephanie Coupland (scoupland (at) 3DExhibits (dot) com) to schedule a free 30-minute consultation call with one of our technology experts.