Congratulations to 3D Exhibits team member Nicole Genarella on her promotion to the newly created position of executive vice president, sales and marketing. In her new role, Nicole will create strategy for 3D Exhibits' sales team, client marketing services team and 3D Exhibits' own marketing program. 

Congratulations also goes to Kelly Collins, who is now our Business Development Manager, also a newly created position.


Nicole has proven herself through over a decade of service to 3D Exhibits. She's led brainstorm and creative ideation sessions for clients and cultivated and led a team of marketers who've won numerous awards for 3D Exhibits clients. One of Nicole's greatest strengths is her ability to approach trade show marketing from a strategic standpoint.

Kelly has a decade of industry experience. Over her four-year tenure with 3D Exhibits, she's built strong client relationships and will leverage that experience moving forward as she mentors junior team members.

"Nicole is a team player, a powerhouse who makes everyone she works with more successful and Kelly's soft spoken approach builds other team members' confidence," says our president, Gene Faut. Gene points to the 3D Exhibits New Business Development department that Nicole built from scratch as an example of how she helps sales people to learn, grow and succeed—and Kelly's success within that department as an example of her talent. "Our entire team, and our clients, are more successful because of Nicole and Kelly."

Nicole and Kelly are actively recruiting new team members. "We're looking for people who love this industry, share our "clients-first" philosophy and like to be part of a diversely-skilled team," says Nicole. If you know someone you think would be a good fit, send them our way. We appreciate your referrals.