Our customers asked and 3D Exhibits responded. We've just unveiled a new portfolio of affordable interactive trade show technology solutions—with some products priced at less than $2,000.00. You now have ultra-affordable options to accomplish everything from integrating a digital catalog/drill down program to drawing traffic with a scored knowledge quiz.

Plus, many of these solutions capture data on the back end which can be used to help measure your trade show marketing results.

Solution highlights and capabilities include:

  • Digital Catalog: enables attendees to explore your products and content in a branded interface. Users drill-down by category and sub-category—and then share pertinent information to themselves and colleagues via email.
  • Graphical Knowledge Quiz: entices attendees to learn about your products to earn points. Staff can leverage the points and messages from the quiz as conversation starters.
  • Graphical Survey: captures key attendee attitudes, perceptions, and demographics in a custom-branded format. Data is captured and communicated via graphs and spreadsheets.
  • Memory Game: challenges attendees to flip and match cards faster than their colleagues. Use of brand images and messages increases message retention.
  • Photo Booth: captures attendee photos, applies filters and green screen backgrounds—then either prints the photos onsite or posts them to social media. The result is brand and message awareness that extends beyond your booth—and even beyond your event.
  • Puzzle Game: reinforces brand image and messages as attendees compete against the timer to move the puzzle pieces into place. Attendees leave remembering the message found on the face of the solved puzzle.
  • Social Media Aggregator: creates an evolving slide show or tiled display fed from sources including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Many attendees will respond to the display by adding their own post—so the final benefit is increased social media coverage for your exhibit and products.
  • Spin-to-Win Game: lures attendees with the possibility of prizes. Cultivated images and content reinforce your message as attendees play.
  • Web Survey: collects information from your visitors. The collected data can be exported in an Excel spreadsheet or graphed to visualize your message.



Each affordable 3D Exhibits technology solution includes custom graphics and branding—as well as custom content—that conveys images and messages specific to your company and products. Upgrade options are available to bridge the gap between these solutions and fully custom apps, and all solutions include back-end metrics to quantify participation and results.



For more information and pricing, contact Nicole at evpmarketing (at) 3DExhbits (dot) com.