Dynamic Architecture Mimics Brand Elements


Hitachi’s new exhibit stunned attendees with its combination of great architecture, a visual focal point, and magnetic digital signage. The dynamic angles of Hitachi’s booth architecture mimicked the red “Inspire Flash” accent mark within Hitachi’s “Inspire the Next” tag line. This incorporation of the brand into the architecture was enhanced by a giant LED wall where a combination of video and messages communicated key product benefits. The focal point of the structure was the AI area. This booth-within-the-booth captivated attendees with its visually balanced combination of three elements: a cube encased in mystique-evoking smoky scrim, a Hitachi-red ceiling (that also controlled ambient light), and a spiraling ribbon (symbolic of the rotating motion of a CT scan). The spiraling ribbon acted as a visual transition tool, moving attendee’s attention between the Hitachi logo and digital signage above and the product display areas below.

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