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Use A Tonal Design Approach to Communicate Softer Brand Attributes in Your Trade Show Exhibit

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Lunada Bay trade show exhibit designer and builder

Color can be a powerful tool in designing and building a trade show exhibit that communicates your brand’s personality—especially when that brand includes subtle attributes such as approachable, tranquil, artsy, imaginative and designy.

Applying this technique to your booth design adds an emotional component to your visitors’ exhibit experience—and elevates immersion and memorability. It’s a sure fire way to make attendees not just see your brand, but feel it.

Lunada Bay Tile Trade Show Exhibit Designer and Builder 2

Lunada Bay Tile applied the tonal approach to its new exhibit design with great success—leveraging its California bay-inspired corporate palette of aquatic turquoise and stone to visually evoke the Zen emotions one would experience while gazing out over a Pacific oceanscape. Here’s how:

Four Tips For A Trade Show Exhibit Design that Expresses Softer Brand Attributes


  1. Limit Your Use of Strong Colors. Logo colors are bold by design, so the trick here is to apply that color in moderation. Lunada Bay Tile leveraged its corporate turquoise for its corporate identity, some product samples and a few small accent pieces (origami swans) in its lounge. It then balanced those selective bright splashes of color with larger neutral areas of white, pebble and sand.
  2. Integrate Toned Down Shades. Reinforce and support your logo color—and create a subtle visual transition between that color and your neutral or white areas—with toned down shades of your signature brand color. (This is how you create that overall softer look and feel.)  For example, Lunada Bay Tile’s pastel blue couches greatly enhance the air of tranquility in the exhibit—and act as a transition between its bright turquoise logo and the primarily white environment.
  3. Display Product That Reflects Your Color Palette. You don’t have to display every color sample in your line—or even a fraction of them. Limiting your product presentation to shades that support your tonal scheme will reinforce the image and mood you are trying to create. If visitors want to see other colors, they will ask—or you can offer to show them via samples housed in drawers, literature or through images on a monitor.
  4. Integrate Soft Textures. Nothing says approachable, warm and comfortable like soft and squishy. Enhance your environment and mood with items that actually are soft to the touch-such as couches, carpet, pillows, fabric and upholstery.

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