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Twenty Awards and Counting: Our 3D Exhibits Clients Win Again

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Our 3D Exhibit team is excited to announce that we’ve added to our impressive string of award competition wins with five Communicator Awards and two Astrid Awards.

2018 has been a very good year!

All five Communicator Awards were earned in the trade show exhibit category and recognize excellence in the use of design to promote our clients’ brands and product messages.

IBM Watson Health and UTC Aerospace Systems both won an Award of Excellence, the top prize, which is given to "those entrants whose ability to communicate positions them as the best in the field.” Triad, Futureceuticals and Neenah earned the next highest prize, the Award of Distinction.

FutureCeuticals and Neenah were also winners in the Astrid Awards in the Special Projects: Exhibit Booth category. Judging criteria included originality of design, effective communication of product, and successful results.

We are so proud to have designed and fabricated these exhibits.

Standout elements of the winning exhibits include:


IBM Watson Health- Constantly moving and morphing LED displays served as a dynamic visual metaphor for connectivity.


UTC Aerospace Systems- A wire frame airplane fuselage highlighted its products without obscuring attendees’ views from the aisle.


Triad- A triangular roof evoked the company’s triangular logo.


FutureCeuticals- Interactive touch screens engaged attendees while wood finishes and plants reinforced FutureCeuticals’ agricultural roots. Carefully placed translucent fabric walls created quiet alcoves for customer meetings.


Neenah- This exhibit drew and delighted attendees with walls covered in three-dimensional flowers fabricated from Neenah’s own premium papers.


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