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Trade Show Exhibit Design Trend: Introducing Custom Flexible

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Looking for an exhibit that can adapt for multiple configurations and markets? What you need is a custom flexible exhibit.

What is custom flexible?

Custom flexible is an exhibit that adapts in every way you need, but still maintains a custom appearance. When you view a custom flexible exhibit, it appears tailor designed for its configuration and market—from its architecture to its messaging. You would never suspect that it would look equally perfect in other configurations.

This differs from custom modular exhibits which are fabricated from systems and can have a Tinkertoy-ish or Erector Set look. Think of it this way: custom flexible exhibits can be easily scaled up or down in size while still using all the same elements and appearing truly custom in design. Custom modular exhibits pick and choose elements "break down" into smaller configurations.

A great example of custom flexible is the booth our 3D Exhibits team designed and fabricated for MIM Software. MIM, which sells medical imaging software, sells to several different markets. Each market requires its own messaging and demo-station set-up (physicians differ by specialty in the amount of ambient lighting they prefer when viewing images and in the image viewing format).

MIM also exhibits in both 20’ x 30’ and 20’ x 40’ spaces.

The custom flexible exhibit we created delivers on all fronts:

Seamlessly adjusts to fit 20’ x 30’ or 20’ x 40’ footprint

  • We engineered an extension for the illuminated canopy which ensures that both exhibit footprints are bathed equally beautifully in white light.
  • MIM hanging sign components can be suspended either stacked or side-by-side to more fully occupy the air space over the larger exhibit.


Demo station flexibility accommodates physician preferences

  • Canopy lighting installed in each demo stations adjusts from dim to bright to match how the doctors in a particular specialty prefer to view images.
  • Demos are designed to integrate one, two, or three monitors which can be mounted vertically or horizontally to conform to physician preference.


Leveraged market-specific graphics to connect with physicians by specialty

  • Easy-to-update graphics displays allow MIM to customize their images for every show and market.
  • The graphics are sized so MIM can cost-effectively update and produce for each show—on their in-house inkjet printer—then transport to the show in a cardboard tube.
  • Plexi casing ensures that the graphics appear professionally produced and mounted.

Is your exhibit custom flexible?



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