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Trade Show Exhibit Design Trend #6: Recessed Product Display

Tuesday, May 09, 2017

If you’re looking for a way to make your product displays pop—especially if your product is a fairly small physical object—a recessed product display can enhance your trade show exhibit display design. This technique works because the wall surrounding your recessed or inset display acts like a frame around a photo—it provides surrounding white space that focuses the viewers eye and makes the product stand out. It’s far more impactful than placing your product on standard shelves.

Since the start of 2017, the 3D Exhibits team has seen recessed product displays showcasing everything from houseware to medical devices. The technique works both inside of an exhibit and outside (as an inset where a product display is embedded in the wall surrounding an enclosed exhibit.)

So how do you get the most out of your recessed product display? Six tips:

  1. Light it up. Illumination inside of your recesses draws visitors’ attention and makes your product stand out.

  2. Think visual rhythm. To make multiple recessed displays work together, make sure there is a rhythm to their arrangement. Think even spacing, arranged on a grid or other geometric positioning that creates a balanced composition.

  3. Float the product. Floating your product at the center of your alcoves isn’t necessary, but it can make a really striking presentation. Especially if your product is something hand-held.

  4. Experiment with shape. Your product alcoves don’t have to be rectilinear. In fact, they probably stand out more if they aren’t.

  5. Create contrast. Your product will stand out more if you create visual contrast. For instance, brightly colored products stand out against white backgrounds. Shiny objects stand out against matte walls.

  6. Highlight. Enhance the picture frame effect by changing up the color of the sides, top and bottom of your alcove. Just be careful not to go so flashy that you distract from your product.

What techniques have you used to help your smaller product stand out?

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