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Trade Show Exhibit Design Trend #20: Hanging and Pendant Light Fixtures

Wednesday, November 01, 2017


Lighting enhances the wow factor of any trade show exhibit design. And while we’ve all noticed the tremendous impact of LED lighting on the show floor, a less talked about—but equally prevalent—trend is the integration of pendant and hanging light fixtures into trade show exhibit designs.

Our 3D Exhibits design team has integrated many hanging and pendant light fixtures into our own projects this year—and seen dozens of other examples on the trade show floor. Some of these fixtures are large, some are small, some are single fixtures, and others are groupings of multiple light fixtures. But regardless, they all fall into one or more of the following three categories of use:


1. Lighting to create ambiance in your trade show exhibit. The right light fixture goes a long way in reinforcing style and statement of the environment you’re creating in your exhibit. Examples include rustic antler-horn fixtures in the Elkay exhibit pictured at the top of this post and the contemporary fixtures in the FutureCeuticals booth pictured below. (Both exhibits were designed and fabricated by 3D Exhibits)



2. Lighting as a visual centerpiece in your trade show exhibit. A large and/or visually interesting fixture draws the attention of trade show attendees who are walking the aisles and focuses it on your exhibit.


3. Lighting to spotlight what’s positioned beneath it in your trade show exhibit. Whether it’s to put the spotlight on new or featured products—or to draw attention to a presentation or theater, lighting is one of the best ways to emphasize a key area or areas within your exhibit.


What interesting hanging and pendant light fixtures have you seen this year on the show floor?

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