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Trade Show Exhibit Design Best Practice: Ceilings

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

While trade show exhibits certainly don’t need to have ceilings, there are multiple circumstances where a ceiling can be a design or functional asset to a trade show booth.

Eight examples of how adding a ceiling can enhance your trade show exhibit:

 1. Dramatic impact. Triad’s sloped roof (pictured above) ensures that this mid-sized exhibit stands out on the trade show floor. The dramatic angle of the roof implies motion and that something exciting is happening here, while the roof’s height enabled Triad to showcase its identity to the entire hall without a hanging sign. (Exhibit design and fabrication by 3D Exhibits.)

2. Control the ambient elements. The secondary roof over Triad’s listening room blocks out overhead light and some sound—enabling visitors to focus their attention on the quality of the audio output from Triad’s speaker systems.


3. Create a sense of intimacy. The ceiling over Neenah Paper’s exhibit creates a warm, cozy ambiance. (Exhibit design and fabrication by 3D Exhibits.)

4. Climate control. Neenah Paper’s ceiling doubles as a place to conceal multiple fans that circulate and cool the air within the exhibit.


5. Draw attention to a specific area within the exhibit. The fabric ring over the IDEXX theater helps attendees intuitively understand that this is a key area and experience within the exhibit.


6. Define product specialty within the exhibit. A series of rectangular boxes suspended over this exhibit indicate the location of specific product groupings.


7. Add ambiance. The faux sky above this exhibit adds visual interest and intimacy.


8. Define the space. This limited use of a ceiling defines the corner of the exhibit while leaving the space open to the aisle.


What interesting ways have you seen ceilings used on the trade show floor lately?


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