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Trade Show Exhibit Design Best Practices: Ample White Space

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

One of the easiest ways to create a clean and sophisticated ambiance for your trade show booth is to limit your trade show exhibit design to a tonal color palette of white and one or two accent colors.

Why white? Here are six reasons:


1. White brings the focus to unique branding. 3D Exhibits client Tecan has a colorful bar code that acts as a staple in the company's branding. Using primarily white throughout the rest of the space accentuated the bar code colors and made this a memorable piece of the exhibit. (Exhibit design and fabrication by 3D Exhibits)



2. White balances other colors—even dark and saturated tones—so they work in small spaces. At the International Home + Housewares Show, KitchenAid celebrated its 100th anniversary with a small section of its exhibit devoted to showcasing milestone products. A stark white backwall balanced out lots of KitchenAid’s signature red, creating a space that was dynamic without feeling claustrophobic. (Exhibit design and fabrication by C-Pathe)


3. White gives your eye a place to rest when you have a lot of other color and visual activity going on in your exhibit. Also at International Home + Housewares Show, Wusthoff went bold with vibrant orange-red super-graphics of slices of blood orange. Once again, the use of white walls and displays provided the balance needed to make the space dynamic as opposed to overwhelming. (Exhibit design by Meile. Fabrication by MC2)


4. White backgrounds make your messages pop. Ew Nutrition kept its booth simple at International Production and Processing Expo (IPPE) with a tonal palette of yellow, white and gray. By limiting its use of white to the backgrounds of its graphics, Ew ensured that its messages stood out. (Exhibit design and fabrication by Nichols)


5. White doesn’t draw attention away from your products. Kaarcher could have gone with yellow product display blocks in its exhibit at the International Home + Housewares Show. But if it had, its vacuum cleaning products wouldn’t have stood out nearly as much. Using white ensured that Kaarcher’s products were a main focal point in the exhibit. (Exhibit design and fabrication by Proctor)


6. White creates an air of sophistication. If you don’t think white has the power to make an environment look upscale, you haven’t visited an art gallery or Apple Store lately. BASF used this approach quite successfully at IPPE. White rectilinear elements of varying heights and proportions create an interesting but not overpowering backdrop for both product displays and graphics. (Exhibit design and fabrication company not available)

How do you use white elements to enhance your trade show exhibit design?





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