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Three 3D Exhibits Clients Honored in the 2019 American Business Awards

Wednesday, May 08, 2019

Congratulations to 3D Exhibits clients Dell Client Solutions Group, VMware, and Dexcom for being recognized in this year’s American Business Awards. The Stevie Awards are a premier business awards competition recognizing the achievements of organizations worldwide. Dell Client Solutions Group was awarded a Gold Stevie, VMware a Silver Stevie, and Dexcom a Bronze Stevie— all in the category of Brand & Experiences – Exhibition Experience. 

Winners were determined by averaging the scores of more than 200 professionals worldwide in a two-month judging process. Awards will be presented at a banquet in New York in June.

Here’s an overview of these award-winning programs and the objectives they accomplished:


Dell Client Solutions Group at Dell Technologies World – Gold Stevie

  • A 24’ tall cube, with video projection on the exterior and changing LED messaging on the inside, mesmerized attendees and acted as a beacon at the center of the show floor. The angled cube reinforced Dell Client Solutions Group as a complete solutions provider focused on workplace transformation.
  • Appearing to balance on one corner, the cube delivered dynamic video content in every direction. Sometimes one image filled the entire cube face. Other times the cube face was sub-divided into a 3x3 array of nine blocks with custom content rotating in and out of each block, as if an invisible giant were solving a Rubik’s cube.
  • The revolving squares of Dell logos, product images and marketing videos whizzed in and out in all directions. The final solution was displayed as a large Dell logo on a unified cube face or a product video that showed use-case applications of Dell desktop and mobile devices.
  • The darkened interior of the cube pulled attendees inside, where video and VR experiences immersed them in outdoor adventures documented by National Geographic using a Dell Rugged notebook.

  • Wide-ranging examples of Dell Client Solutions Group’s applications surrounded the cube. These experiences combined demos, interactive touchscreens, live events, and VR games to engage attendees.
  • Edge lighting and raised floors highlighted and separated the individual solution islands.
  • A drone dropped a newly launched Dell Rugged notebook, equipped with a wireless live video feed to demonstrate a key product differentiator—durability.
  • The notebook fell from a height of six to eight feet, making a loud clatter and attracting attention when it hit the hard wood deck.
  • The opening night party also celebrated the silver anniversary of the Dell OptiPlex computer, a line of computers aimed at the corporate, government and education markets, with a silver tequila tasting bar, champagne service, giant digital slot machine, custom ice carvings, customized lighting design, and music.


VMware at VMworld 2018 – Silver Stevie

  • The inspiration for the design was large urban parks such as Central Park and Golden Gate Park. Each area of the park featured its own unique experience, foliage, projected lighting texture/breakup pattern, landscaping, and hardscaping. The environment communicated that VMware provides the IT solutions people need to work from anywhere.


  • A digital reflecting pond featured grasses, boulders, a foot bridge and a pond. Theatrical lighting brought the water to life as messages and fun facts “bubbled” up to the water’s surface in digital pools.
  • Technology employed in the exhibit included AR content, touch screens, a fog screen, video, interactive kiosks, and digital signage.
  • A gazebo area featured large touch screens where attendees explored AR environments depicting various industries that are driven by VMware products and solutions.
  • The “Integrate Public Clouds” zone featured fabric discs, scrim and a fog screen to evoke the sense that visitors were in the clouds. This was a nod to VMware’s cloud-storage that enables people to work from anywhere.
  • Generous spacing between solutions zones, demo kiosks, and other features ensured good traffic flow even when the solutions demos were packed with visitors. Faux concrete flooring led visitors down winding paths as they explored the exhibit. Victorian-style sign posts pointed the way from one zone to the next.


Dexcom at American Diabetes Association 2018 – Bronze Stevie


  • Imposing architecture and scale conveyed brand messages of product reliability, company dependability, and industry influence.
  • Strategic lighting applications made the exhibit visually pop off the trade show floor. Layers of temperature-matched lighting ensured there were no dark areas in the space.
  • Technology enabled hands on demonstrations. Supersized Padzilla tablets enabled multiple attendees to see the demo at once.
  • Larger than life elements created a big, bold presence and drew attendees into the exhibit.
  • The exhibit was divided to reinforce Dexcom’s global reach.One half catered to the U.S. market and the other half to international visitors. Messaging and collateral in each area customized to the corresponding audience.
  • The imposing header was fabricated from tension fabric, reducing shipping, storage and set up expenses.


Congratulations to our clients for this recognition!



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