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Ten Sports Metaphors to Draw Trade Show Attendees to Your Exhibit

Tuesday, July 08, 2014

World Cup soccer is heating up, and once again, marketers around the world are leveraging sponsorships and creating tie-in campaigns to increase visibility and earn sports-fan customers. Even Google is getting in on it with its daily soccer-themed Google Doodles. The advertising/marketing frenzy made us think about sports-themed trade show marketing campaigns. One would think that sports-themed promotions would grow old. Typically we try to steer clients away from themes that have been done hundreds of times before. But you know what? Successful trade show marketing is about connecting with prospects and customers. So as long as our target audiences are lovers of soccer, football, basketball, baseball, golf—sports-themed promotions will continue to deliver

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Nine Sports Themes for Exhibit and Event Marketing

In honor of the World Cup, we thought we’d share a list of tried and true sports metaphors/trade show marketing themes that continue to work no matter how many times they’re used.

  1. Score With ______________(insert your company or product name).
  2. Win With _______________
  3. Finish First
  4. Kick Off Your _____________ With _______________
  5. ___________ Levels The Playing Field
  6. Defend Your Turf
  7. Protect Your ____________
  8. Don’t Get Blindsided
  9. Get Home Field Advantage
  10. Get In The Game
What is the most successful sports-themed trade show promotion you’ve seen? We’d love to hear about it.

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