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Make Sure Your Trade Show Exhibit Communicates What Is New

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Whenever we’ve surveyed trade show attendees to find out what they’re hoping to gain from their visit to the trade show floor, the answer is the same. Ninety-percent consistently tell us that one of their top two reasons for visiting the show floor is to “See what’s new.” It gets a little stickier from there. When we ask them how they can tell us what is new, the answers are more nebulous. “I can just tell,” they say.

When we watch attendees walking the show floor, we see that they glance at the exhibits as they pass, usually without even slowing down. The message is clear. Most attendees want to know what’s new—but they only give your exhibit about a second or two to communicate. So if your exhibit design and/or marketing approach isn’t grabbing attendees’ attention as they speed past, your new product isn’t going to get the attention it deserves.

So how can you make sure attendees notice your new products? Here are 6 great examples our 3D Exhibits team photographed this year:

1. Recessed display. Nature’s Plus’ New Product Innovations displays (photo above) combined bold copy, great lighting, and contrasting tones to ensure Nature’s Plus’ new products got noticed. (The white background ensures that the dark product packaging stands out.) These displays were also perfectly placed along a busy aisle—and positioned at eye-level to draw maximum attention. (Exhibit design and fabrication by 3D Exhibits)


2. Billboard. Hill’s Pet Nutrition made its new Science Diet packaging the star by creating a 15’-high billboard along the side of its booth. A bold red banner drew attention to large graphics of the new packages. Sample packages at counter height enabled veterinarians to view all product varieties. (Exhibit design and fabrication by 3D Exhibits.)


3. Display case. Purina Pro Plan introduced its Calming Care diet for dogs who suffer from anxiety with an illuminated, aisle-side display case. The case elevated the product package to eye level and used spot lights to illuminate the product. Supporting graphics provided more detail for veterinarians who wanted a deeper understanding. (Exhibit design and fabrication by 2020 Exhibits)


4. Themed exhibit. In addition to the display case we just described, Purina Pro Plan went all-out, branding major portions of its exhibit to promote the Calming Care product. A header caught attendees’ attention, announcing “A breakthrough in canine anxiety,” while the rear of the storage cabinet reiterated the message.

Few exhibitors go as far as to devote the high-level messaging in a section of their exhibit to a new product. Purina proved it can be a highly effective way to get your message across. (Exhibit design and fabrication by 2020 Exhibits)


5. Simple signage. Now Foods proved that you don’t need to spend a lot of money on building cabinetry or printing super graphics to call attention to your new products. Now’s simple but bold “NEW” signs, positioned next to its featured products, got the job done just fine. (Exhibit design and fabrication by 3D Exhibits)


6. Supersize. A final—and really dynamic—way to showcase new products is to create super-sized versions of your product packaging. La Croix’s 15-foot high versions of its curate line made it hard for anyone to overlook the new flavors. (Exhibit design and fabrication by Empire Exhibits)


How do you make sure people notice your new products?





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