By Dara LaMere

When it comes to managing global event programs, last minute requests seem to appear out of nowhere--sometimes allowing you just a few days or even hours to execute. (Example: We only had a week to plan the cocktail event for 100 held on a barge in Amsterdam that is pictured above.)

From minor signage, printed flyers and giveaways to complex event management solutions, having an exhibit partner who can react to these requests within minutes becomes the difference between success and failure.

Too often exhibit and event managers think they don't have the resources to deliver within these tight time frames. But in many cases, they actually do.

Our 3D Exhibits' International department prides itself on our ability to execute these seemingly impossible requests. Our secret? Our extensive network of printers, builders, painters, designers, installers and even bakers, strategically positioned around the world—to help you! From the overnight printing of custom way-finding signage in Chennai, India to pulling together a private boat to ferry clients to an event in Amsterdam, the 3D Exhibits international team has your back.

So while we can't actually work miracles, there are lots of things we can do. Here's what you need to know:

  1. Call us! Time zones and working hours might create limitations. So rather than sending an email, pick up the phone! Yes, email is a great technological advancement for communication but sometimes the old fashioned way is still the fastest way to communicate.
  2. Be flexible. There are usually several ways to achieve similar end results. While not all situations can allow for flexibility, when faced with a less than ideal time frame the ability be flexibility in regards to the final deliverable will increase your chance of succeeding.
  3. Provide whatever details you have. When last minute requests come, they often arrive missing some of the critical pieces of information we'll need to fulfill them. This is okay and expected—so share what you know as soon as you know it and fill in the other details as soon as you can. Some information is better than no information—as long as it is accurate.
  4. Determine and share your budget. When we know upfront what the budget is, we can quickly eliminate too-expensive solutions and focus ideas that are realistic and executable.
  5. Be collaborative. Clients who work with us as a team as we evaluate options contribute priorities and perspectives we might not have. This often leads to solutions that could have been otherwise overlooked.
  6. Stay positive. Keeping a positive and optimistic attitude lessens the stress of developing time critical solutions for everyone. Your team is there to help you create the best outcome possible, and staying positive gives us additional incentive to work longer and harder on your behalf.
  7. Enjoy the success and provide recognition. When the impossible request becomes possible, give yourself a pat on the back and accept the praise. And don't forget to pass along the praise to the team who helped you get there.


Of course, there will be requests that you just simply cannot accommodate, but before throwing in the towel, pick up the phone and check with the 3D Exhibits international team. We might just surprise you! (The cocktail party for 100 pictured above was planned with just three-days notice!)

In the instances when you can deliver, you'll appreciate the value of having an exhibit partner whose reach and partnerships wrap the globe—and whose expertise extends beyond exhibit fabrication.