The purpose of your trade show exhibit is to connect with customers and prospects. But is it doing the best job possible?

Take this test to see where your exhibit and booth staff stand. Any area where you can't answer 100% yes is an opportunity for improvement.

    1.Does your trade show exhibit environment make visitors feel comfortable and welcome?

2.Did your exhibit staff greet visitors warmly and quickly?

3.Does your staff appear to be ready to help (as opposed to tired and bored)?

4.Does your exhibit design make it intuitive for visitors to quickly locate what they want to see—and if not, do you have staff ready and able to assist?

5.Does your staff communicate, both verbally and with its body language, that you appreciated visitors' time and interest?

6.Does your messaging (visual and verbal) address how your product will benefit the customer's business?

7.Is your staff prepared to engage all levels of visitor interest (I.e. paddlers who want the high level elevator speech only, swimmers who want to understand how the product works and what it will do for them, and divers who want all of the technical specs)?

8.Are the demonstrations you are giving in your booth relevant to the customer (as opposed to focused on what you want to tell them)?

9.Do you have a mechanism to customize your post-show follow-up based on each visitor's unique needs and interests?

10.Does your follow-up feel like a continuation of the in-exhibit conversation (as opposed to a new conversation started from scratch)?