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How to Achieve A High-Tech, High-Touch Exhibit on a Limited Budget

Thursday, December 06, 2018

You want to stand out on the trade show floor and create a branded environment that is as sophisticated as your technology or product is. But your budget is limited. What do you do?

The 3D Exhibits team’s recommendation is to consider a custom rental exhibit. Custom rental displays are a great way to make a statement without breaking the bank.

Here are seven tips to create a custom rental exhibit that will do your company justice:

1. Think of your exhibitry as an art gallery. Museums and art galleries are typically neutral environments that have good sight lines to encourage exploration.

The most cost-effective way to design an exhibit is the same. Keep your exhibitry simple, minimal, open—and largely neutral. Then use your savings to invest in marketing, technology, and presenting your story and product in the best way possible.

Case in point is the crisp white environment VMware created for its IoT and EDGE Zone at its proprietary VMworld event. Simple lines, open space, and light finishes ensured that the VMware technologies on display were the star of the show.

2. Leverage white space. Art galleries and museums spread out the individual pieces of art on display because placing white or open space around each work enables people to focus without distraction. Exhibits work the same way. If elements are crowded together, visitors become overwhelmed or don’t know where to focus and thus—don’t receive your message.

Leaving blank space between displays helps ensure that your customers will take in all of the content you’ve prepared for them.

3. Go tall. Custom rental doesn’t mean forgoing height. VMware created a monumental presence by using lightweight scrims with custom logo applications to create pylon-like structures in its booth. These added height to the solutions stations and ensured that the exhibit was visible across the expo floor.

4. Keep it uncluttered. The fewer items you have sitting on the floor and counters—and the more open space you leave open—the more sophisticated your space will feel. Don’t believe us? Compare the feel of a high-end boutique—where they might only have one of each dress on display—to the narrow and cluttered aisles of a big box retailer.

5. Light it up. The 3D Exhibits rental inventory includes internally illuminated elements including counters and backwalls. VMware customized our internally illuminated backwalls with SEG graphics to create a distinctive branded presence.

6. Brand purposefully. Adding your brand colors to the space in a carefully planned and thoughtful way will make the exhibit your own without diminishing the sophisticated vibe you’re working to create. VMware’s consistent application of blue and green graphic elements guides the eye without overtaking the space.

7. Invest in the thing that is the most “you.” For the best results, figure out what communicates your message best and focus your spending there. If you are a technology company, this will likely be the way you display or demonstrate your technology. If you’re an animal health company, it will likely be images of healthy pets. For instance, VMware used this custom rental exhibit property as a fairly neutral backdrop—letting demos of its emerging technologies take center stage.


How do you use custom rental properties to create a sophisticated and affordable trade show presence?



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