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Exhibits + Events: This Is What Integrated Looks Like

Wednesday, August 01, 2018

A cornerstone of an integrated trade show marketing and events program is that everything is seamless. But what does that mean? A great example is the program we created with our events partner Plexus for Dell at Dell Technologies World.

The success of this event hinged on the creation of an environment and experience that performed equally well as both an exhibit and as an event space for a 1,400-guest launch event. Dell required a show-stealing visual presence as well as a multi-functional space—one that incorporated messaging and media.

This was achieved by having the design cooperatively developed by one of our exhibit designers and one of Plexus’ event designers.


The outcome of this collaboration was an environment with an amazing centerpiece—a 24’-tall cube with video projection on the outside and changing LED messaging on the inside. The outside surfaces of the cube displayed custom content that rotated to create the illusion of a giant Rubik’s Cube “solving” to from dell logos, products and marketing video.

Watch the sizzle reel here.

The interior images on the LED tiles were courtesy of Mike Libecki, a National Geographic Explorer who uses Dell Rugged hardware when he’s working in the field.

This approach enabled us to customize the cube content—we had one set of content for during the day when the space was used as an exhibit and a second set for the evening event.



The 3D Exhibits/Plexus planning and execution partnership extended to every element of the program. We:

  • Designed and implemented interactive programming/games to demonstrate Dell’s security platform.
  • Produced a 30-minute launch video including script consultation, editing, sound mixing and film shoots in two different states.
  • Resourced and hired a professional drone pilot who collaborated with an engineer to fly in a Dell Rugged Tablet and drop it to the floor to demonstrate durability.
  • Wirelessly connected a video feed from the drone to a monitor.
  • Designed and printed brochures and party invitations.
  • Designed, selected and procured all give-away items.
  • Hired brand ambassadors to orchestrate guerilla marketing efforts and staff the launch event.
  • Coordinated the entire launch event including tequila tasting bar, champagne service, giant digital slot machine, custom ice carvings, and customized lighting design for the exhibit and music.


How do you make sure your exhibits and events programs are integrated?

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