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Ask 3D Exhibits: How Can I Use Digital Faux Finishes to Enhance My Trade Show Exhibit Design?

Wednesday, March 07, 2018

Thanks to digital printing on fabric, vinyl and other lightweight materials, trade show exhibit designers have become increasingly creative. It’s now possible to recreate pretty much any finish or substance—without having to bring in heavy materials, such as concrete and wood, that drive up shipping and drayage costs.

What this means for corporate trade show managers is that any environment or surface—from marble to the moon—can now be integrated into your branded environments very cost effectively. The result is increased memorability, strong messaging, and even a bit of fun—at a fraction of the cost of fabricating the real thing.

Seven examples:


1. Rich and warm. Create a comfortable, approachable environment by integrating wood planking into your exhibit, like Aluvision’s stretch fabric recreation of wood timbers featured above. Convey the proper mood and ambiance for your brand by selecting the right tone and grain—from delicate beech to the darkest mahogany.


2. Cool and contemporary. Printed concrete panels give your exhibit or event environment a modern, industrial vibe.


3. Nuanced. Print the texture of your choice onto your fabric to give your exhibit a sculptural, custom look and feel. Merck leveraged this approach to add depth and sophistication to a simple fabric structure (exhibit design and fabrication by 3D Exhibits).


4. Nostalgic. Zoetis’ use of printed fabric to create whitewashed wood planks and whitewashed brick walls resulted in an environment that conveyed a “grandpa’s barn”-sort of familiarity.


5. Galaxy far, far away. This exhibitor leveraged printed vinyl flooring to turn its exhibit floor into a moonwalk. Pair a custom printed floor surface with custom printed wall panels and you can create any environment on earth—or in space.


6. Make a splash. This printed vinyl applique of swooshing water serves the dual purposes of increasing the privacy of this conference room and highlighting the company’s dental rinse product.


7. Unexpected perspectives. Add printed textures and images to your walls and ceiling to articulate your brand in unexpected ways. For instance, this image of a gravity-defying Jeep Wrangler driving upside-down across the ceiling of Jeep’s exhibit at CES reiterates the vehicle’s all-terrain capability.


Have you seen any awesome digitally printed textures or finishes applied to the floors, walls or ceilings of exhibits lately? If you have, we’d love to hear about them.



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