Great trade show exhibit designs are visually pleasing and convey the exhibitor's brand attributes—without relying on words. Every design decision works on both of these levels—from floor to hanging sign.

A great example is the trade show booth 3D Exhibits designed and fabricated for Optiv this year. Optiv, a global security solutions integrator, streamlines cybersecurity for its clients by selecting and deploying the optimal mix of technologies and solutions. In other words, Optiv delivers simplicity by helping their clients develop a unique, business-aligned solution—without having to experience the angst of putting it together for themselves.

Optiv worked with our 3D Exhibits design team to ensure that every element of the exhibit design and visitor experience reflected the simplicity and peace of mind that Optiv delivers. The result was a beautiful exhibit in which every element exemplified the brand:

1. Visual attract element. Good exhibits have a powerful visual element that draws attention. Great exhibits have a powerful visual element that draws attention and reinforces the company's brand story.

Optiv's dynamic hanging sign fell firmly into the category of great: A simple sheer blue scrim exterior encloses a series of smaller illuminated scrim boxes—each printed with complex visual imagery. This engaging element captured attention and served as a visual metaphor for what Optiv does—deliver clarity by working through the chaos of finding the right combination of solutions for its clients.

2. Clean and sleek. There is a lot going on at trade shows and even more going on in individual booths. Optiv stood apart by pairing down everything from the amount of structure in its exhibit to the amount of copy it shared on its walls. It also fought the urge all companies have to clutter the exhibit with additional components—leaving lots of calming open space in its exhibit. The result was an oasis-like feeling that contrasted most of the other exhibits on the show floor—and conveyed the peace of mind customers achieve when they work with Optiv.

3. Color. Color is a key tool that exhibit designers use to convey corporate identity. In the Optiv exhibit, we took this a step further. A tonal application of white and shades of Optiv blue created a cool, calming effect that once again, reflected the Optiv brand.

4. Simplified messaging. Like other companies, Optiv had a lot to say. But unlike other companies, it found a simpler, more pleasing way to communicate those points. Specifically, Optiv took its six pillars and, rather than expressing them as a lengthy list of bullets, turned them into a visual element. The vertical copy was quick and intuitive to read—reinforcing that Optiv delivers simplicity.

5. Flexible engagement. Many companies dilute their claim that they deliver custom solutions by providing a static booth experience where every visitor is given the same presentation. Optiv, on the other hand, kept its booth presentations flexible in order to adapt to visitors' needs the same way it customizes solutions for its clients.

Not only did the Optiv team adjust the content, it offered two ways to engage. Monitors suspended at the perimeter of the exhibit facilitated quick conversations with attendees who wanted a quick overview, while touch tables inside the exhibit facilitated more in-depth conversations with attendees who wanted to sit down and hash things out.

The combination of all of these elements resulted in an exhibit design that accurately represented Optiv physically, visually, and subliminally.

How does your exhibit convey your brand attributes?