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Ask 3D Exhibits: What Should My Exhibit Staff Wear?

Thursday, April 12, 2018

For as long as we can remember, golf shirts have been the go-to exhibit staff uniform. That’s why having your team wear something else—pretty much anything else—is an excellent opportunity to stand out on the trade show floor.

The ideal attire for your trade show team supports your brand image and makes it easy for attendees to identify who to approach when they have questions that need answering. For instance, our own 3D Exhibits team (pictured above) wore long sleeve sport tees under black puffy vests at EXHIBITORLIVE! 2018. The resulting comfortable, outdoorsy look was a perfect fit for our laid back, For Real company culture.

Outdoorsy casual isn’t quite right for you? Here are eight other options:

1. Sweatshirt casual. Go bold with sweatshirts shirts that match your logo color or go more understated by screen-printing your logo onto a gray or neutral background.


2. Button up relaxed. Whether you go with soft and loose or starched and conservative, cotton collared shirts always make a professional impression.


3. Dress shirt professional. Leverage and emphasize your logo color with bold matching ties or scarfs paired with solid color dress shirts. (Photo shared with the permission of beMatrix.)


4. Fit and sporty. Convey your brand’s passion for health and fitness by outfitting your exhibit team in biking or other athletic attire.


5. Comfortable layers. Inevitably, it’s either freezing cold on the trade show floor—or boiling hot. Dressing in layers gives your staff the ability to adjust for either condition. Select your outer layer based on your brand personae: full zip hoodies communicate a super-casual ambiance while cardigan sweaters create a more business casual vibe.


6. Dynamic prints. When your competitors all wear solid shirts, adopting some sort of pattern will give your team the visual edge on the show floor. With print on demand technology, you can easily create and print any pattern you’d like—even a repetitive print featuring your logomark.


7. Hearty plaid. Nothing conveys an outdoorsy, hearty, rugged image like a flannel lumberjack shirt.


8. Individual identity. Emphasize your appreciation for your team members’ unique individuality by selecting a color—and then letting their team members choose any style shirt they like.


What is the best exhibit staff attire approach you’ve seen?



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