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Coming in January: “Ask 3D Exhibits” To Debut on Tips and Trends Blog

Wednesday, November 29, 2017


As a corporate trade show manager, you have questions. And starting in January, 3D Exhibits will share the answers to those questions here, on our Tips and Trends best practices blog.

Twice a month, “Ask 3D Exhibits” will answer the exhibit and event marketing best practice questions we get asked most often. “This is what 3D Exhibits does. We deliver the tools, education, support and services our clients need to make measurable contributions to the success of their companies,” says Nicole Genarella, Executive V.P. of Sales and Marketing at 3D Exhibits.

January content will include answers to the questions: “How can I communicate my message without relying on copy to tell the story?” and “How can I use food to connect with attendees—rather than having them just take their snack and leave?”

In February, we’ll answer: “What should I be measuring and how do I collect the data to make that happen?”


Is there a question you’d like answered?

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