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Trade Show Exhibit Design Trend #17: Suspended Elements

Thursday, May 04, 2017

The air space above your exhibit is yours—so you might as well make good use out of it. Suspending objects over your trade show exhibit can express your brand persona, draw attention, tell a story, entertain, communicate what your product is—or even define the product areas below.


All of this without even including a single word, logo or logo mark. It’s an exhibit design technique we’re seeing more and more often.


Here are some excellent examples our 3D Exhibits team has seen on the show floor lately:

Product Display. This exhibitor hung its product, skylights, over its exhibit laid out just the way the skylights would appear in a commercial installation. This was a really clever way to show what a ceiling full of the skylights looks like on the show floor—without building a roof structure.

Other exhibit marketers can apply the suspended product approach in a more artful way. For example, this window manufacturer used its products to create a mobile.

A third way to suspend product over your exhibit is to create a super-sized version—like this drone manufacturer did.

Draw Attention. We’ve seen several exhibitors use suspended kinetic balls as an effective booth attract. These balls can be programmed to move—or to move into a variety of configurations.

Reinforce A Theme. This exhibitor created a single giant rose, and several hundred smaller ones to match the roses found on its exhibit graphics below.

Brand Attitude. This highly sculptural header (without any logo or company identification) shouts innovative, forward thinking and imaginative.

Spatial Divide. In a larger exhibit, multiple suspended objects can add lighting or even define product groupings below.


How have you utilized the air space over your exhibit? We’d love for you to share.

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