3D Exhibits and Merck Animal Health have been honored in the Interior Displays category of the Industrial Fabrics Association International's International Achievement Awards. This is 3D Exhibits' 23rd award win in 2018—and we couldn't be happier. And, what makes this even sweeter is that we are one of just two International Achievement Awards (IAA) awarded in the Interior Displays category this year.

We're ultra-proud of this award-winning exhibit. Our challenge was to lighten up Merck's exhibit to reduce Merck's set-up, shipping, drayage, and storage costs while still delivering a stand-out exhibit design.

Our recognition from IFAI proves that we succeeded.


The 90% frame-and-fabric structure debuted at the 2018 Veterinary Meeting and Expo (VMX). IFAI judges were impressed by how the design combined two sweeping fabric ribbons with a center wall to divide the trade show booth into a lively, interactive environment at the front and a quieter, face-to-face meeting space for qualified prospects at the back.

The organic shape of the ribbons was inspired by (and abstracted from) the curved and intertwined elements of the Merck logomark. The faces of the ribbon were printed with a wavy texture that created an illusion of depth and made it look like the ribbons were actually fabricated from a hard, sculpted surface. Each ribbon started art the floor at a single touchpoint, then got wider as it twisted upward.


The effect was that of a pair ribbons dancing in unison. The gravity-defying appearance of the ribbons was achieved by suspending them from the hall ceiling. Although they each touched ground in a single location, very little of the weight rested on the floor.

The widest portion of the ribbons was approximately 10' wide, with a total length of almost 200 feet of ribbon woven through the fifty-foot wide exhibit.


This sculptural structure owned the airspace at VMX 2018. Visible from everywhere on the trade show floor, the exhibit proclaimed: Merck is here. It also reinforced other brand attributes: The flowing curves and texture created a sense of warmth and approachability. The scale of the pieces spoke to sophistication and leadership. And the unique shape spoke to innovation.


How does your exhibit communicate your brand's attributes? Let us know. We'd love to hear from you.