Ambience Reflects Innovation

American Orthodontics @ AAO 2023

American Orthodontics made a huge impact at the AAO show with their captivating 30’x50’ exhibit. Inside the semi-enclosed space, attendees were immersed in a world of advanced orthodontic solutions. The booth featured a striking hanging logo art installation that drew attention and emphasized American Orthodontics' leadership in the field. The exhibit incorporated sleek and modern design elements, including mirrored counters that added a touch of sophistication and reflected the booth's ambiance. Visitors were greeted by a skilled in-booth photographer, creating a personalized experience. Hospitality was also a top priority, with a dedicated area offering refreshments and comfortable seating. The inclusion of lush living walls brought a touch of nature, creating a welcoming and revitalizing atmosphere. The exhibit provided ample meeting space, allowing attendees to engage in meaningful conversations and consultations with AO staff members. American Orthodontics' exhibit at AAO showcased their commitment to innovation, offering a comprehensive display of their expertise in orthodontic solutions.

Dental Healthcare
AAO 2023
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