Meet 3D

Gene Faut

President and owner, fearless leader, works alongside his team in the trenches, inspires confidence, open to new ideas, Ironman, knows when to crack a joke

Bill Massengill

Executive v.p. operations, departmental integrator and production choreographer, process streamliner, motivator of teammates, marathon runner

Dawn Cornell

Director of international programs, collaborates with global partners, delivers on goals and budgets, cultural adventurer, loves art and nature

Evan Plotkin

Chief technology officer, director of interactive technology, tech guru, innovative, inventive, early adopter, solutions driven, fast learner, family man, all-around great guy

Jolene Nork

Chief of staff, choreographer of complex plans and expert process implementations, world-class multi-tasker, the entire Starbucks staff knows her name

Kelli Steckbauer

Executive v.p. operational development, streamliner of process, efficiency guru, lover of world travel and adventures

Mary Mauck

Chief financial officer, defender of the bottom line and reviewer of contracts, Hawks, Bears and White Sox fanatic, apple pie and brownie connoisseur

Nelson Corazzari

Senior v.p. strategy, client-centric problem solver, divergent thinker, leads by example, multi million-mile traveler, dedicated father, college football fan (Roll Tide Roll!)

Nicole Genarella

Executive v.p., sales & marketing maven, strategic creative, gets more done in a day than most do in a week, contagious passion, fitness fanatic

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3D Exhibits designs and creates custom trade show exhibits, branded environments and corporate events. We blow past our clients’ expectations with services and solutions that make their work easier, more effective, more efficient—and more fun.

Exhibit Design & Fabrication

Our award-winning creative team brings the goods—booths and displays—for purchase or rent—that exude your brand and mesmerize your audience.



Our in-house experts apply their geek know-how to create experiences that engage, educate and document. Think interactives, animation, microsites, data capture and lead generation systems.



Programs and communications that generate interaction and extend the experience. We create themes, messaging, mailers, games, eMarketing, video and more.



Our team takes you there–anywhere really. With our experience, you’ll navigate the complexity of global expositions with ease.



So how did you do? Our measurement and analytics programs produce qualitative and quantitative insights that sum it up for you. And our exhibit staff training prepares your team to kick tradeshow butt.