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Nature’s Plus Trade Show Exhibit Forges an Emotional Connection

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

trade show exhibit design emotional connection 1

Nature’s Plus attended Natural Products Expo West with a bigger goal than showcasing its nutritional supplements and natural vitamins. They wanted to generate some brand love. Smart. Even in the B2B marketplace, research shows that purchase decisions are twice as likely to be determined by emotional reasons as logical reasons.

Nature’s Plus made an emotional connection with its customers by modeling its exhibit on a boutique hotel lobby, with all the amenities that make hotel guests want to linger in the lobby. An implied ceiling and walls created a defined and inviting space. Speakers embedded in the overhead canopy played music from a custom playlist to add to the hotel lobby ambiance.

trade show exhibit design water feature

Attendees enjoyed smoothies and the soothing sound of water as they sat at the central bar. Framed in green, the water feature added visual interest with a background of real leaves encased in plexi.

trade show exhibit design meeting table

Three different wood tones added warmth and richness from a color palette that reflected the brand’s connection to nature. The design used a variety of light fixtures and seating arrangements to create distinct functional areas in the booth.

trade show exhibit design messaging heirarchy

Product displays were subtly woven into the exhibit architecture and monitors with branded content were discreetly placed so that they didn’t dominate the view.

serve food trade show exhibit

Our focus was on creating a comfortable space where attendees would want to relax and hang out. Nothing says: “Stay awhile” better than refreshments and free wifi.

Nature’s Plus did it all—filling its exhibit with customers and prospects throughout the show.

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