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Increase Trade Show Exhibit Dwell Time With Interactive Coffee App

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

trade show coffee order app

Use exhibit attendees’ love of coffee to entice them to take a deeper dive into your trade show marketing content.

Exhibitors have been using coffee service to drive trade show attendees to their booths for years. The problem has always been that almost all of the visitors leave the exhibit as soon as they have their coffee in hand. This ingenious coffee order app and delivery service ensures that visitors remain in your booth and learn about your company.

trade show coffee order app 2

Here’s how Hill’s Pet Nutrition did it at NAVC 2015:

  1. Hill’s had 3D Exhibits create a custom coffee order app that was loaded onto iPads that were mounted adjacent to comfortable benches.
  2. Attendees sitting at the stations placed their orders—either on their own or with the help of a Hill’s rep. Each order automatically included the location of the visitor to enable delivery.
  3. The app automatically sent the order to the barista station—where it was output on a small printer for fulfillment.
  4. Visitors continued to explore Hill’s company and product information—and chat with Hill’s reps—as they waited.
  5. As each order was filled, a waitress delivered the coffee to the correct visitor. In almost all cases, the visitor continued to explore Hill’s company and product information as they sipped their coffee.
trade show coffee app 3

The result is more people hanging out longer—and leaving your booth more fully immersed in your brand.

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